Chance Of A Cure For Hair Loss In The Future?

regaine-35Androgenetic alopecia isn’t in any way unusual: with the estimated 50 per cent of men more than 50 years old suffering from this kind of baldness. Yes, we men stand an excellent possibility of losing our hair. However, is this a destiny we just must accept? As we look to the near future, can we expect that male pattern baldness is not, after all, inescapable? With some exceptionally advanced treatments in development, the solution is a definite maybe…

Follicle neogenesis

Another tactic this can be still many years away is follicle neogenesis. Researchers have found in mice that during wound reparation, non-hair follicle stem cells are transferred to the region to fix the harm. This provides a chance for the activation of follicle development – and, therefore, exciting prospect of treating male pattern baldness.


Divide a follicle in two, culture and grow it right, also it may form two new hairs. Duplicate over and over again and you’ve numerous healthy follicles, able to be transplanted back onto the scalp — a procedure called follicular cell implantation. This exciting notion of ‘cloning’ follicles is still quite much in development but tantalises with all the prospect of reaching thicker waves via a transplant.

Genetic Testing

Even later on, the adage ‘prevention is preferable to cure’ stands tall. By testing for 2 specific genetic variations, it might be possible to take preventative measures to keep male pattern baldness away.

An Scandinavian firm named deCODE Genetics put together your own genotyping service. Should you be discovered to be, you’ve got the choice to attempt preventative treatments like Rogaine or Propecia from an early beginning.


How Powerful is Provillus Likely To Be for Hair Loss?

provillusThe Provillus variety includes two products:

  • A Supplement
  • A Liquid

Even though the nutritional supplement is in many instances promoted as a product for avoidance of hair loss and hair regrowth, the same as all other baldness nutritional supplements there’s no company clinical evidence to indicate it will not be ineffective to this objective. The Provillus supplement isn’t licensed by the FDA or MHRA Approved and so is not a proven treatment for baldness and there isn’t any indication of any clinical trials having been carried out for the product.

Does It Work?

Following research, many UK providers of Provillus appear only to provide the nutritional supplement, yet advertise the merchandise as ‘including an FDA Approved component’. The FDA approved ingredient isn’t in fact contained in the nutritional supplement, merely the liquid – it’s minoxidil. If you are planning to purchase Provillus make sure to check that the liquid is included as an important amount of baldness prevention in your supply is not likely from the nutritional supplement alone.


According to the Provillus website they produce a 5% minoxidil liquid for men and 2% concentration for women. Provillus liquid is similar  to the most well-known brand Regaine (minoxidil). Minoxidil is just one of only two products medically licensed in Britain and FDA approved in the united states, another being Propecia.

Hair Transplant or Propecia?

concealer-11Over 50% of guys will begin to get rid of hair in their twenties and begin to find services and products, including hair transplant operation, to help them. Most are not aware that for a while Propecia provides the solution that is perfect. To get a young man having a transplant operation might entirely unacceptable as the progressive baldness is not going to have stabilised. However Propecia may be an ideal solution to get a time as in treated baldness will be stabilised by it.

Treatments for male pattern baldness range from adopting the smooth appearance to external treatments and accepting it (to drugs to operation such as Minoxidil). Propecia (finasteride) is the “gold standard” for treatment of male pattern baldness with oral drug. Hair transplantation is a favourite surgical method of treating male pattern baldness.


Replacement surgery, the Fleming as well as transplants, are long-term, authoritative answers to the issue of baldness. Despite the fact that the external application is a lot easier than operation, if this treatment is successful by sparking development in hair follicles that aren’t working or slowing the progression, it should be utilized throughout life or the gains are temporary.


Finasteride or propecia is a drug which blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – the hormone. It is a powerful method of minimising baldness. Nevertheless, it’s not just ineffective on regions of the scalp where there’s some hair present. It doesn’t spark development in regions that are totally hairless.

Propecia and Regaine are common over the counter treatments for baldness. Regaine is for sale in extra strength 5 percent solution or ordinary strength 2 percent solution. The item is proven to re-energize shrunken follicles and increase blood circulation to the entire scalp.

It is possible to get a transplant. The transplanted strands should continue to grow for a lifetime if taken in the donor zone that is safe. Restoration processes replace a few of the hair that was lost but it does nothing to prevent additional decline. That’s the reason it is necessary to continue using the drugs like Regaine and Propecia and adding your regimen and Nizoral.

Now’s transplant operation is usually done on patients. How the patient has hair, and is adding that particular hair and it may produce an issue. The end result can look like nothing was done in the event the individual loses their present hair as a result of design baldness while the transplanted strands are growing in. In order to avoid this problem, propecia will be recommended by the physician if contemplating a transplant.

In evaluations Propecia has been demonstrated to be successful and safe in the long term. The surgeon will be assisted by it to produce more density in regions which will be the most significant cosmetically (like the leading portion of the scalp) whilst keeping hair on additional aspects of the entire scalp.

Nanogen Hair Fibres: Answers To Your Questions

nanoqaaFor a while now, Nanogen has been providing professional solutions to people who have baldness or poor hair growth. This organization brings together some of the best hair solution professionals and institutions so that they can come up with the best products for their customers.

Despite all these efforts to provide the public with the best products together with a great amount of information which can be found online, Nanogen users and potential buyers have a lot of concerns about this product. Some of the information that the public always try to find out about this concealer includes:

Does Nanogen look natural?

There are some people fear that if they use the Nanogen fibres someone else can notice the difference. The truth is that this concealer is designed to look natural and no one can notice the difference between the fibres and your real hair. This is because they are made up of real hair components.

Are they water resistant?

Nanogen fibres are made of keratin. This makes them to be like real natural hair hence resistant to water and sweat.

How do I know the right colour?

Identifying which pack will match your hair colour is quite tricky. Since there is a possibility of ordering the wrong colour with the first order, Nanogen cuts down by 50% the cost of the second order regarding the colour issue but before you make the claim, it is advisable that you contact customer care so that the claim can be recognized and fulfilled.

How long do the fibres last?

The only way of getting rid of them is by washing using shampoo hence they will stay on your head until when you wash your hair with shampoo.

Can they come out unexpectedly?

It is recommended that when used you make sure that you have applied them the right way. It is also recommended that you apply little locking spray so that they can hold firmly.

Is it possible to use Nanogen with greying hair?

They can be used with any colour. All you need to do is to make sure that you apply the right combination of colours like with greying hair, you should apply the main colour fibres first which is the original colour be it black or brown, followed by the white or grey fibres. On drying, they completely look like your current greying hair.

Can I use Nanogen with other products?

It is advisable that when you use them you should not use other products especially ones that are oily in nature. This will interfere with them and ruin how they are supposed to look. They are designed to make your hair look wet and oily hence other oily products are not necessary. You can however still style normally but for the best results, you should style your hair before applying. It is also highly recommended that you use the fibre lock spray since it is designed specifically to improve the quality and appearance of the fibres.

Be Proud To Be Bald

baldheadI feel bald men need to make more of an effort to get a bald pride message out there. Real natural bald men are considered higher intelligence and higher sex drive. They may also have a few more health problems. But in any cased there is a lot of prestige in being bald.


Thanks a lot for your kind message! I created this site partly for smart bald headed people and to promote our bald pride, to live with our baldness with happiness or at least with philosophy. I am not really sure that bald headed men have more, or less, medical problems, due to their baldness. The man’s machine is so complicated that we must have a lot of causes for one viewable “problem”. As I am telling it at a lot of persons, I was (re)born when my head top was completely bald, ie, for me, between my 35 yo and my 40 yo. To “wear” a bald head, with a short fringe, like mine, ie a male pattern baldness, is really fantastic.

Due to my position, and to my wide baldness, I feel I am considered as a distinguished man, especially when I go to the barbershop to ask for a MPB haircut. My youth is gone with my hair but really that was that I wanted, that I wished since i was a teenager. I hope that we will share here a lot of our emotions, of our experiences as bald headed men. This Yahoo group must serve the cause of bald pride between smart people.

My only problem with my MPB now

I must confess it, is the winter period. I would wish to get a toupee during the winter, because of, for the first time of my life as bald headed man, is my reaction to cold temperatures due to my wide bald head top. My dream would be: one day with my toupee, one other day without. The problem of that is people can think that I am not accepting my baldness and have a complex with it. I am resolving that at wearing a French traditional corduroy cap (not a cap for teens or young men) when it is cold. I think that a corduroy cap is the best toupee I can wear. Have an excellent Xmas period. Hope for your news and all your emotions about our state of bald headed men. Baldness is happiness, baldness is greatness. Smart and bald, forever! Take care.

The Fight Against Hair Loss

concealer-42Women and men share a common cause for baldness. The illness is hereditary and possibly conveyed from generation to generation.

There are various causes that could result from the thinning of hair in girls. The hormonal changes monthly is experienced by these girls by their routine menstruation significantly influences the growing of hair. Menopause may also be a major factor that influences the losing hair menopause. Hair during this time rests, making it fragile too.

You would like to contemplate eating a healthier diet, if you’re experiencing baldness after giving birth. Foods that are rich in sodium or fat can in fact cause baldness after giving birth. Foods that are full of vitamins and nutrients for hair development, like vegetables and fruits, can help regrow hair that’s been lost and encourage healthy hair.

Baldness can happen in different types determined by your hair’s source. Therefore, the treatment differs based on the cause of this.

An all-natural method of treating menopause baldness that is thin is by using olive oil. Massage it into your scalp before going to bed. You find gains from this treatment and can use it one time a week.

Among the most typical reasons for female hair growth issues. It typically includes a thinning of the hair due to a terrible event like pregnancy. The finest baldness treatment for Telogen effluvium of the girls is time. As time goes by the traumatic event’s effect vanishes and the hair begins to regrow.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments designed to slow, stop, and reverse various types of hair thinning due to menopause. In addition, there are several well-revered over the counter treatments that might be of interest to you. And if all else fails, there are sneaky ways you can conceal your state from the public eye.

Yet once the kid is born, remarkable changes in the hormonal system happen. The resultant after pregnancy baldness can be extreme.

Hormones are incredibly crucial that you a girl. The women have an effect on the emotions of a girl, her look and general well-being. Girls produce estrogen and progesterone. Testosterone is also produced by girls but for many girls, to a lesser degree than guys. All three are needed to primary good health and wellbeing in an acceptable and balanced number in order for a girl.

Female Hair Loss Introduction

nanogen-42Thinning and baldness in women can result from an extensive variety of variables. These include everything from chemotherapy, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, an improper diet, poor health, traction alopecia and trichotillomania to anxiety and hormonal imbalances, menopause, genetics, follicle susceptibility.

With all these considerations, it can be difficult to get to the origin of the issue without seeking professional help, either from a medical doctor or a trichologist. Blood tests should be done to ascertain the cause of any hair loss or hair thinning, along with a comprehensive evaluation of your hair and scalp.

Nevertheless, there’s always a reason behind hair thinning and hair loss – it’s the tissue that’s sensitive to changes or any imbalances within your body.

Am I losing my hair or is it thinning?

It can be very confusing to discover if you’re losing excessive hair or if the real diameter of your hair shaft is transforming (or even if both are occurring), and frequently one is mistaken for the other. While both outcome in volume decrease, hair- diameter happens over an extended time period, if the daily loss of hair is significant while excessive hair shedding can lead to more rapid decrease in volume.

This is called ‘telogen effluvium’ and can be caused by pregnancy, stress, hormonal upsets, improper nutrition and chemotherapy. A decrease in the diameter of your hair may also be affected by these matters, but is most commonly because of follicle susceptibility, genetics and age also.

But while finer hair is associated by many folks with ageing, girls / and genetic thinning can be experienced by as young as 18, activated or exacerbated by conditions for example PCOS, and/or just a powerful genetic predisposition. Eating disorders may also cause in men and girls of any age.

Seem complicated? Really it’s – this is among the reasons why we propose going if you’re concerned with hair loss to see a trichologist. So many variables can play a part in the health of your hair, and frequently the state can be exacerbated by the pressure of carefully scrutinizing your own hair on a daily basis for indications of difficulties.

If you believe that it’s thinning, or you’re losing your hair, please make an appointment to see an accredited trichologist. Much can be done slow as well as to stop excessive hair loss, and even stop or turn, the procedure for metabolic or hormonal -related hair thinning.

What Treatments Are There?

Treatments of hair thinning and hair loss fluctuate considerably – and are dependent on the cause. When it comes to excessive baldness from anxiety and nutritional deficiencies, frequently a change in lifestyle and diet, in addition to proper nutritional supplementation and possibly stimulant treatments, is needed.

Yet, with genetic and hormonal female hair thinning, specific drugs and prescription drops can be quite helpful. Happily, it’s not more difficult to slow, stop and reverse hair thinning in women due to a broader variety of treatment choices. For example, specific birth control pills can be tremendously helpful when treating specific kinds of hair diameter changes and hair loss in girls, whilst they can be clearly not an alternative for guys.

Are My Hormones Causing My Hair Loss

No one in my family is bald, with the exclusion of one distant relative. My hairline receded 2 years past but then did not budge. My doc said as I conclude growing/developing this could be caused by a closing surge of hormones.

Any help would be greatly valued and keep up the great work with this website!

A “closing upsurge of hormones” seems nutty if you ask me. Young men constantly have hormones that surge. What you are describing could simply be your genetics, not some hormonal upsurge.

Baldness can come from an elaborate interaction of hormone

concealer-12The hormonal process of testosterone converting to DHT, which subsequently damages hair follicles, occurs in both women and men. Under normal conditions, girls have a minute fraction of the amount of testosterone that guy have, but even DHT can be caused by a lower level – activated hair loss in girls.

They contain various substances, including drugs, pesticides

Baldness can come from an elaborate interaction of hormones,”says a dermatologist and hair loss practitioner. “For example, being overweight or fat influences insulin, testosterone and oestrogen amounts. Additionally, the existence of hormone disrupter’s in our surroundings may have an impact also.”

Hormone, or endocrine, disrupter, are substances that interfere with the hormone system of people. They contain various substances, including drugs, pesticides, compounds used in consumer products and in the plastics industry.

I can not say for sure what advantages you will find, but you will understand in the forthcoming months if you are experiencing less reduction or regrowth.

The Norwood Pattern For Greeks

Do all individuals follow the exact same routine of baldness, meaning they improvement in a special manner as Norwood categorization describes or you’ll find exceptional variation for each man and begin in the temples?

Every man, from everywhere on earth, can have a balding pattern that is identified by Norwood.

nanogen-32Two other kinds of genetic baldness in guy not regularly considered by physicians, “Diffuse Patterned Alopecia” and “Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia,” present a substantial challenge both in analysis and in patient direction. Comprehending these states is vital to the assessment of hair thinning in both women and men, especially those who are youthful as they may suggest that the patient isn’t a candidate for operation, when the investigations may be easily missed.

As an example, to develop a Norwood type 6 routine, you won’t begin with a 2, then head to a 5 routine, and then then, a 3 a 4. Most guy with a Norwood type 6 routine begin losing their hair with thinning because routine that precedes the ending phase of the balding (the hair starts to thin all over because layout).

Comprehending these states is vital to the assessment of hair thinning in both women and men

The scientific method to evaluate your level of baldness will be to compare your pattern with the typical routines described by Dr. O’Tar Norwood. You can find seven levels of hair thinning in the main show and five levels of a variation called the “A” show. Comparing your own rear and front with these diagrams can inform you where you stand now. Talk with an experienced doctor can provide you some notion of what’s likely to take your future.

I found more hair than usual in the shower plug. Am I losing my hair?

Hi, I am 25 and I have consistently had a high hairline but I have found that it receded up somewhat recently. I found that my hair line has moved up perhaps a cm or less from my present hairline runs and the last wrinkle in the very same structure as the maximum wrinkle and assessed the last wrinkle on my brow.I have consistently had an incredibly dense head of hair and still do so I am presuming this could be ordinary and only the hair completing its cycle hopefully.
I usually assess for miniature hairs and could not discover any clearly examples of any, perhaps 1 or 2 hairs at the front of my hairline were somewhat thinner but all were the same span. Just one cousin I could think of in my entire extended family has a receding hairline and he’s about 32.Should I consult a hair loss specialist or wait for additional indications of baldness?


If your hairline is receding, that could either function as maturation (standard procedure) of the hairline or it may be genetic hair thinning. There’s actually no way for me to understand that simply depending on reading a post such as this. If you are worried, get a consult with a physician that can quantify your hair volume so you could have a metric to compare to in another year.